Welcome to Powermine International Ministries

Who are we?

The Powermine International Ministries humbly started on September 14th, 2003 by Pastor Ike in Winnipeg, while he was pursuing his PhD studies at University of Manitoba. The membership was just him for a while, before being joined by his wife, Grace Isinguzo in 2004, and by the grace of God, they both have been used by God for the expansion of the gospel. The meeting place moved from various locations in the city and what started with one member in the basement of a house, now worships at the permanent site on 127 Regent East with more committed members that have been impacted by this ministry.

In September 2010, the church acquired an old music store at 127 Regent Avenue, East. And in the years that followed, the old building was demolished and a brand new one now stands as a starter home for The Powermine International Ministries.

The Lord has grown the membership of the church over these years and we are looking at expanding globally as God leads and directs His church.



  • God’s Presence
  • Power
  • Word
  • Healing
  • Deliverance


  • Intimacy with the person of Jesus Christ
  • Experience intense walk with the Holy Spirit
  • Have a deep love for the Word of God
  • Demonstrate love for the people
  • Deeply committed to evangelism and soul-winning


  • The one true eternal God
  • The deity of the Jesus Christ
  • Inspired scriptures of the Bible
  • Original sin and the fall of man
  • The salvation of mankind through the death of Jesus Christ.
  • The baptism of the Holy Spirit
  • Water baptism
  • Divine healing
  • The resurrection of the dead


  • Relationship + Family
  • Effective Communication
  • Forgiveness
  • Appreciation
  • Encouragement
  • Listening
  • Understanding

Our Team

Anthonia Eze-Ogbulafor

Carol Herrera-Bergmann

Dr. Ike Isinguzo serves as a leader of The…

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