Love will make you see & touch God

Topic: Love will make you see & touch God

Text: Matthew 27:59 KJV
“And when Joseph had taken the body, he wrapped it in a clean linen cloth…”
Moved by love, Joseph of Arimathea requested for the body of Jesus. Pilate consented and allowed Joseph to take the body of Jesus and to bury Him. Joseph carried Jesus in his arms and wrapped Jesus’ body with clean linen cloth before he buried Jesus in his personal tomb.
This was a special moment in eternity when the immortal God was carried and cared for by a mortal. As Joseph was carrying and caring for the lifeless body of Jesus, he looked at the face of God and held God closely in his arms with passion and affection!
Our love for God expressed directly to God, and again, our love for Him expressed towards our brothers brings us closer to God and is indeed, a unique divine encounter! The quickest way to draw closer to God is to get sold out in our love for Him and His kingdom and to love our brothers without looking at their imperfections and ours.
A heart that loves like this is pure. Jesus says the pure at heart will see God. Those who have seen the face of Jesus have seen the face of God and are changed forever. Yes, you can see His face now- by loving Him and by loving the people around you!

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