Imagination, perception and destination

Jeremiah 1:11 KJV

“The word of the Lord came to me: “What do you see, Jeremiah?” “I see the branch of an almond tree,” I replied.”

This is your year of clarity! It is your year of absolute understanding! This is your year of knowing what to do, how to do it and when to do it. This is your year of seeing well and far! This is your year of seeing with the eyes of heaven and running with the speed of the Spirit to get to the mark of Christ! You will arrive this year because your light has come. And kings shall come to the brightness of your shining! What we see determines what we think. And what we think is what we are! What we are determines who & what comes to us and where we are headed! Where do you see yourself this year, next year, 5 or 25 years from now? If Jesus tarried, where would you & your family or ministry like to be in the next 10 years? Your dreams, no matter how big, is possible. A daydreamer is far better than a no-dreamer! If we keep imagining we would keep running! If we keep running, we would keep winning! What we imagine is fueled by what we perceive! The right perception is the feeder of the right imagination! Even when things appear ‘negative’, change it by forcing your mind (by using the Word) to focus on the positive side! Perception is same with mindset! The right mindset is the best ground for generationally impactful imagination. Therefore, look around today and thank God for all the stress and pain- and also for all the blessings, they are good indicators of your greatness! Think this way and you will not miss your way!


Father, I receive grace to imagine and to perceive aright and timely! I will get to my destination on time and without distractions in Jesus’ name!



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