Fire by Intimacy

Text: Hebrews 11:6b

“…He is a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him.”.

Relationships that endure and flourish in time and season are the ones where intimacy is prioritized.
No matter the challenges of life- and of course, the blessings as well, intimacy in marriage and friendship will always prevail against the forces of life. It triumphs!
At the heart- the live wire of every success in life is intimacy! But at the heart of intimacy itself is communication. People that communicate are in my view, very wise and very strong!
If our intimacy with one another can produce such trends of bliss and success imagine how far we can go with God when we pursue intimacy with Him!

God is the Consuming Fire! Intimacy with Fire can only produce fire- in our hearts and indeed, in every area of our lives!
The Fire of God in our hearts is released when there’s nothing in our hearts but God!
What is in our hearts is usually what comes out of our mouths. For out of abundance of our hearts our mouth speaks! Therefore, just like with us, intimacy with God is created, established & maintained by unceasing, deep and passionate communication with God! Openness!
The fire you have been asking God for has come. Be open to Him and communicate with Him and pursue Him as a priority! I see you moving forward, higher and stronger!
Please join me again tomorrow as we explore this subject one more time!

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