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2 Chronicles 9:9 KJV

“And she gave the king an hundred and twenty talents of gold, and of spices great abundance, and precious stones: neither was there any such spice as the queen of Sheba gave king Solomon.”.

Looking for opportunities to sow

The text above reveals the generosity of the queen of Sheba and how she brought gifts in abundance to King Solomon despite the fact that King Solomon was already wealthy. How did Solomon respond to her kindness? Did Solomon reciprocate? If so, how?

Second Chronicles 9:12 shows us how King Solomon responded and it reads:

“Now King Solomon gave to the queen of Sheba all she desired, whatever she asked, much more than she had brought to the king. So she turned and went to her own country, she and her servants.”

King Solomon gave her whatever she desired. Also, the king gave her more than she brought to him! Truly, the lesser will be blessed by the greater!
We can take King Solomon to represent our King of kings and Queen of Sheba to represent the church. We, individually and collectively as a church, cannot out-give God.
Simply; there’s no time God will give us the same measure of the seeds we sow in His Kingdom. His reward will certainly outweigh ours! What is the implication?

A call to Sow

Every call to sow a seed into God’s work is a rare but golden opportunity to be blessed by God! After all, everything we have came from God! Wisdom then is, let’s not wait for a need to arise before we sow. Let’s look for needs and the needy in the church to take care of before we are called to! But if a need happens to arise and we are called to sow- let’s jump to the opportunity so it doesn’t pass us by! A need we meet in the Kingdom will never arise in our household!

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